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Basketball Specialists

The Basketball Specialists School is designed to develop and improve the individual skills and game concepts necessary to become a complete player. Players will be grouped by age, size, gender, and ability to assure maximum challenge and accurate evaluation of performance.  The Director at Basketball Specialists is Marlborough Boys Varsity Coach Ilya Nicholas -- a long-time supporter of Marlboro Youth Basketball.



Fieldhouse Sting (Sudbury): www.fieldhousesudbury.com.


Boston Warriors Boys: www.bostonwarriors.com
Boston Warriors Girls: www.bostonwarriorsgirlsaau.com
North Central Blaze:  www.northcentralblaze.com
To determine the age-appropriate group, please visit the AAU website: http://www.aauboysbasketball.org/newsite/index.html  or http://www.aaugirlsbasketball.org.







39th Annual Dave Cowens Basketball School: http://www.dcowens.com/
Regis College Girls "Position" Overnight Summer Basketball Camp - Grades 7-12, June 24-26.  Contact Head Coach Julie Plant at 781-768-7234 or email for more details and a registration form.